Certified Manuka Honey

Our unique hexagon design with the MGO content in it provides you with the information you need about the grade of honey. This amount indicated in the hexagon is independently verified by third party laboratory and ensures the contents that are true to the declared amount and also determine the value of your honey. These test results are uploaded into our track and trace system for you to track the origin of your product and verify the test results. As you can see on the certificates of analysis these laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited to ensure you the right procedures were used to produce the credible test results.
To meet the New Zealand government's regulations we test all of our Manuka honey for a combination of five attributes, 4 chemicals and 1 DNA marker. These are the requirements to authenticate monofloral and multifloral Mānuka honey and can be identified by using two laboratory tests which includes the testing for Manuka DNA.
Once that's all done, Zealandia Honey® ensures you only get the best by randomised testing for 100+ pesticides and glyphosate in your honey, and in addition to that we check if any adulteration has been involved with your honey by measuring the amount of C4 sugars.
Last but not least we check for the moisture content, color and if it is creamed to perfection by our master creamers before we export it here from New Zealand. Once our honey gets to the customs border for clearance, the laboratory results are verified by 3 independent parties to ensure your Manuka honey is authentic. For these reasons we urge you to only buy Manuka honey that clearly states the origin on the label, ‘made in New Zealand’ or ‘product of New Zealand’.

Methylglyoxal in these quantities is unique to honey from the Mānuka flowers. It has beneficial properties that are known around the world and has been used by Māori people of Aotearoa for centuries.

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